B2G Inc., or Back to Garden- the design-child of two parent companies, SQLA Inc. Landscape Architects and Landist Group Inc., a landscape contractor- was born out of our belief in the profoundly positive effects of nature and the innate desire to be one with the natural world. As part of our design process, we found ourselves digging deeper to explore our everyday relationship with nature and wanted a way to supplement our landscape design/build process in-house.

We created B2G as a forum to explore thoughts and ideas of repackaging nature to make it available in our most immediate environments, where it can have the greatest impacts. Our landscape products include home decor tabletop gardens, custom landscape design elements- including site furnishings, and one-of-a-kind exterior art installations. 

As landscape architects for 35 years, we are constantly inspired by the wonder of Nature. Along our journey we have designed thousands of inspired landscapes and gardens, and have now embarked upon a deeper, more personal journey to uncover the truth and meaning of Nature, all the way back to the Garden of Eden. And now, we have abstracted the essence of garden design to the smallest garden possible- a personal “tabletop” garden. 

Through the design of our products, we are highlighting the intrinsic value of plant life, and bringing about a new awareness that plant life is divinely made, not man made. We believe that plant life is imbued with the power of life to transform our lives, inspire delight and joy, and bring us Back to the Garden.